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[Quoting Vadim Stoltz first]

> >This is not (b) and not "also".  This is THE MOTHER OF ALL QUESTIONS!  Period.
> >And this question stands as tall today as it stood in Petrograd in the wee
> >hours of November  8 (Western style)1917: will they hear our signal and will
> [...]
> >one of such conferences and my only thought on the way back to Russia was: Why
> >in the world these people would ever dream of making a revolution?!
> >Revolutions are dirty, terribly messy, bloody things, with coffee shops locked
> >for good and Internet disconnected. I am not trying to look holier then them.
> >  If I were in their shoes I would be fucking stupid even to seriously think
> >about saying "Revolution."  I mean there are always some exceptional
> >individuals with extremely developed moral consciousness and will power.
> >There is also the adventurist type, ennobled by moral passion and sympathy to
> >the oppressed.  But those are the tiny minority.  Most of the left, including
> >the Marxist left are just decent "normal" people who in the West can enjoy and
> >do enjoy basically good life, as good as can be reasonably expected under the
> >present human condition. This is why, dear Nestor, the Mother of All Questions
> >will not be confronted by these people.  And I honestly cannot blame them for
> >that.  To become a revolutionary force Marxism needs those who can be both
> >cold and hot.  But the modern Western society tends to produce the lukewarm
> >type of humanity.  And, perhaps, it's the kind most suited for life.
> It would seem that this is not really the Mother of All Questions, Mr. 
> Stolz, since you seem to have already found the pat answer to it!

Don't fall on Vadim so angrily, Mike.   

We all know that what he is describing is _part_, and an important 
one, of the situation.  I agree with him in that being Marxist means 
little when you find Marxists supporting or rejecting (or even 
supporting-rejecting), say, the Iraqi struggle today.

And that those who defend the invasion -or at least try to offer some 
alibi to their tortured souls over the issue of whether Saddam 
Hussein required a foreign invasion or not- are quite common among 
the Leftist petty bourgeoisie of the affluent West.

The actual answer does not lie in Vadim's anger, and it is not Vadim 
who can offer it. He can only appeal to the "hot and cold" minds of 
those exceptional individuals which -I, for one, am convinced of this-
can be found, among others, among the readers of this list.

Did I throw a stone in the pond? What a splash!

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