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Sun Sep 28 10:21:51 MDT 2003

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Nothing trivial about the struggle of the Spanish workers, the German
workers, the French, and Italian workers between the two wars.  Nothing
trivial about their defeats.

Nor was there anything trivial about defeat of the Chinese workers, the
subjugation of the anti imperial struggle of the Vietnamese to the
"anti-fascist" needs of the Soviet Union, etc.

Reformism? Please explain the meaning of reformist as an inherent quality of
the proletariat in the advanced countries as opposed to a condition-- a
manifestation of certain historical moment.

Workers always engage in reformist struggles.  They did so in Chile, in
Argentina, in Bolivia, in Peru.  Those struggles change and become struggles
for power under certain conditions.

The application of armed force does not by itself make a revolutionary
struggle-- as the history of Nicaragua has shown once again.


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