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MP writes:
 Mr. Walters have no way to explain why the African American masses - the
working class leaders from among them, avoided these old political groups
like the
 plague and simply rest in comfort with the idea that these "people" are
bourgeois nationalist.


Melvin says he has learned to understand my style of presentation and thus
keep from reaching for a weapon, and I have learned that if we give comrade
Melvin time and space he invariably will provide a clear insight into the
fundamental problems.  So when comrade Melvin identifies a CPUSA/Trotskyite
cabal, I put on the Temptations first album == Meet the Temptations= cue up
"Slow Down Heart" and wait for Melvin to go a bit further and sure enough,
in a day or less, I'm cueing up "Dream Come True," and "Paradise" because
the comrade has gotten to it, and on the good foot no less.

And what Melvin talks about in previous "Marxists" misapprehension of the
value theory and the determinants of value is nothing other than the
misapprehension of the reality of the history of the laboring classes in the
creation and circulation of that value.  In short, Melvin tells us, it's
value that slavery produced for/with/integral to capitalism, and that value
is based on labor-- and thus the emancipation of black labor requires a
class analysis and not a race analysis.  And in this forumulation, in this
concrete analysis of production relations, Melvin sees the antagonism of
North and South, of industrial production and slave based plantation
production, and the social revolution that was the Civil War, a social
revolution stood on its head in the defeat of Reconstruction.

Call me an equivocator, and accommodator, a wishful thinker, but when Melvin
writes and speaks, don't reach for the gun-- wait, and wait some more--
because he's just "Gettin' Ready."


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