Speaking of anti-imperialist solidarity on the trade front....

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Sun Sep 28 15:49:11 MDT 2003

............and the "victories" of the developing countries united against
the developed countries....

Financial Times Sept 26 03, p. 6

"Brazil set to remove block on GM soya"

The Brazilian government was expected yesterday to announce the legalization
of genetically modified soybeans, opening one of tthe world's last GM free
agricultural frontiers.

Brazil is the world's second largest producer of soybeans and....is expected
to surpass the US this year as the top exporter.

...the authorization would apply for now 'only to this [planting] season,'
after which the government would send more comprehensive biotechnology
legislation to congress...

Yet most observers agree Brazil's resistance to the growing tide of GM crops
has been broken for good.  Even Jose Alencar, acting president during Lula
da Silva's absence abroad this week, admitted Brasilia had been overtaken by

Indeed GM crops already make up  an estimated 15 percent of Brazil's total
52m ton soybean harvest, most of which is planted illegally in Rio Grande do
Sul....GM seeds there were originally smuggled from neighbouring Argentina.

Biotechnology companies led by Monsanto of the US had been lobbying for
years to be able to sell their GM seeds in Brazil...

Mr. Alencar repeatedly delayed signing the decree this week under pressure
from....the environment minister and the landless workers movement (MST)
Hey, Monsanto....isn't that Rumsfeld old company?  Sure it its, when
Monsanto took over G.D. Searle, I think Rumsfeld was part of the

Does sound anti-imperialist to anyone?
Does this sound like a victory?


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