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Sun Sep 28 16:12:11 MDT 2003

Melvin P:
>4. The political fight against the CPUSA/Trotskyite cabal is not about
>socialism in one country or any other such crap but American history. If
>one cannot
>understand the value form and its law, why and how two different working
>classes developed in the American Union, you are lost. What the
>cabal calls the two working classes in the American Union is the black
>and the white workers and this is stupid.

Melvin, these repeated posts about CPUSA/Trotskyite cabals are flame bait.
Unless you can lay off this rhetoric, you should not post here any longer.
A couple of weeks ago you called me a Trotskyist motherfucker or something
like that because I criticized the CPUSA electoral strategy--and mildly at
that. When you came back, you never even acknowledged that you were out of
line for insulting me in that manner. Fortunately I have a thick skin.

But Marxmail is not for trying to redeem the reputation of either Stalin or
Trotsky, as I have stated repeatedly. If you want to take part in the
discussions here, you will have to put this behind you. I don't make
exceptions for Trotskyists and I won't for you either.

This kind of obsessive repetition of formulae that existed in the socialist
movement a half-century or so ago has to be avoided in order to move
forward. It will only polarize the discussion here and detract attention
from more pressing matters. It is fine to discuss Reconstruction or
whatever, but it is not necessary or appropriate to invoke Stalin's name
when you do. Let's try and keep our eyes on the prize.

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