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>PS. I will also reframe from mentioning the CPUSA if that is what is being
>stated. Something tell me it is safe to pinpoint the CPUSA and not their
>political inverted reflections.

No problem discussing the CPUSA. I would just urge you (and anybody else so
tempted) to avoid referencing what my dear friend the late Mark Jones
called the Sotsky-Tralin question. I am reminded of an assignment that my
Bard College writing teacher Robert Kelly gave his writers workshop class
back in 1961. He told us to write a short story that had no human beings.
The whole point was to challenge the students to think about inanimate
objects in a way that they never had before. There's a great review by
Armond White in the latest NY Press of Woody Allen's latest flick, a total
narcissistic disaster by all accounts. White says that Allen is recycling
all his old movies in the latest titled "Anything Else", which features
teen movie idol Jason Biggs playing a neurotic young comic writer--in other
words, Woody. Woody is cast as a neurotic old aspiring comedy writer--in
other words, Woody. White suggest that Allen make a movie that breaks
totally from the whole NYC neurotic Jewish shtick and do something he's
never done before. Like a Western. In any case, that's kind of what I'd
like to see Marxists do. Not make Westerns, but think outside the box.

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