the redbaiting charges against Camejo

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Sun Sep 28 19:45:05 MDT 2003

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.The accusations of red-baiting against Peter Camejo appear to be a
campaign of baiting against Camejo.  In my opinion, anyone who directs
their fire against Camejo or the Green Party in the California elections
is simply forgetting which class is running the show in California, and
which parties (and their candidates) are representing them.

 Someone or some group, it appears, feels threatened by the response
 that has been won by the successes of the type of radical campaign that
 Camejo chose to run against the imperialists' two-party system, and is
 trying to divert attention from this by "exposes" of Camejo.  It
 strikes me that from the beginning there have been a lot of red
 herrings out there about Camejo -- he was about to support Huffington,
 he was about to support Bustamante, he wasn't talking about the war at
 all, he was a stalking horse for Hilary Clinton (I made that one up)
 and so forth.  In fact, the Camejo campaign is pretty much what he says
 it is: a radical Green Party campaign.  There's no hidden agenda. What
 you see is what you get.

As Walter Lippmann pointed out in an earlier post, there are a number of
different strategies and approaches that could be adopted in challenging
the capitalist rulers' current political structure in the California
situation.  Peter Camejo has selected one that reflects his own views
and the character and outlook of the Green Party, basically a
middle-class radical party that is making gains because of its
opposition to many aspects of the course of the capitalist government
and two party system. The Green Party is not an attempt to establish a
third capitalist party to advance imperialist interests as was the
People's Party of H. Ross Perot, for example.

There are other approaches, such as that of Joel Britton of the
Socialist Workers Party, whose campaign seems to be mostly aimed at
winning youth and workers to his organization to his organization and
the Young Socialists, and to presenting some elements of what the SWP
considers a revolutionary working-class political-programmatic
alternative. This, of course, has little support at this time and little
access to the major media and so forth -- even Camejo has had to fight
fiercely for his share and is now being subjected to the customary
exclusion by the League of Women Voters..

All of the different approaches reflect the harsh reality of this
campaign -- the absence of any general political alternative to
capitalist class rule in the state.  While the capitalist rulers may not
chalk up the recall campaign and election as an unalloyed success -- I
don't think they do -- they cannot lose the vote. Within that framework,
I think some positive political changes are being reflected as well as
growing polarization.

The thing that strikes me about the baiting of Camejo around elaborately
constructed, and extremely thinly based, assertions about redbaiting is
that the axis of the attack is not the capitalist rulers, but the Green
Party and its candidate.  A campaign of THIS character in the current
California elections is not working-class or progressive in any sense.
It is reactionary.  Fred Feldman

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