The truth about Camejo' and Gonzalez' campaigns

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We campaign EVERY DAY. Seven days a week, 30 days a month.  We do distribute
the campaign literature of both campaigns and our own produced newspaper and
leaflets and organize our own forums -- we also participate in the forums
organized by the campaigns -- and we were able to reach -- really reach, not just
selling them a paper -- literally THOUSANDS of people.

We were able to mobilize over 200 people supporting Camejo and Gonzalez to
march in a mobilization of 3,000 top. We sold 500 papers, we made 145 new
contacts and we worked very well with the dozens and dozens of new, young activists
who are joining every week the Green campaigns, particularly Gonzalez'

Today, we are talking the same day here, we participated in a 300-strong
African American community meeting against police brutality (more than 60 of the
neighbors came with a dozen of our members active in the campaign.)


Truly inspiring. Let the "winners" - those who do the work "take all." I
tried to get to California with the memory of "Bloody Kansas" but it could not
happen. Would have basically worked 24/7, very low maintenance. Carpetbag stays
packed. Have pen will travel.

The last election campaign I took part in was 9/11/2001 - day of the
terrorist attack. I had financially contributed to several candidates running for City
Council but belonged to no organization. Their literature was reasonable and
directed to the lowers sections of the working class that tend not to vote and
reside on the East side of the city. I rewrote some of this literature to
combine the demand for social services with the demand of the higher paid workers
for improved city services and lower taxes and remained the higher paid
workers - who tend to vote, that Detroit's population is reaching 40% retired
workers. Then I went to the West side where the higher paid workers reside, with
thousands of leaflets.

The work was personally satisfying but not enough. Time to join a group,
probably the "League of Revolutionaries for A New America" (
No doctrine is needed other than a willingness to fight for what we already
know it the right thing to do. To get ready for the spring/summer offensive
against Bush. The wall of silence is being broken in California. The presidential
campaign presents an opportunity to contact millions and impact the material
consciousness of people.

Bravo for you.

Melvin P.

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