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Mon Sep 29 08:28:43 MDT 2003

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I managed to cathc about 3/4 of the film, just missing the first half
hour. The documentary films the coup as it unfolds. I don't know how
the film crue managed to pull it off some of the footage that it did,
but the type stuff they caught will simply blow your mind. It shows
Chavez being kidnapped, coup leaders being sworn into power and
threatening to pull an allende on the palace (and having quite a chuck
about their exploits), the peopel taking to the streets, the
intensification of oppression by the police, the poeple fighting back,
the presidential guard storming the palance, the lower ranking
officers and the army turning on the generals, and finally Chavez
being restored to power. It's the type of film that would never see
the light of day in the U.S. It's makes Moore's film look quite timid.

It shows how advanced the consciousness of working class is in
Venezuela, and what lengths the bourgeoisie will go to to preserve
their power.

This is class struggle caught on film, yet with the good guys

Any revolutionary would be inspired by this film...


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