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Chiapas Today” Bulletin No. 364
August  12,  2003

Meeting of Resistance against Repression and the Puebla-Panama Plan, and 
for Biological and Cultural Diversity in Honduras

>From July 18th to the 24th, 2003, the confluence of social processes of 
great importance to Mesoamerica took place.  The Third Week for Biological 
and Cultural Diversity and the Second Mesoamerican Forum against Repression 
took place in La Esperanza, Intibucá, Honduras, with the participation of 
more than 800 people from all countries in the region, representing more 
than 150 organizations of civil society, peasants, indigenous people, urban 
people, people descended from Africa, etc.  With the coordinating 
participation of many of the Mesoamerican organizations, workshops took 
place where participants shared experiences, analysis, diagnostics, and 
plans of action.  Among some of the topics covered were: repression, 
transgenics, food security, communications, legal aspects, marine 
ecosystems, youth, women, forests, water, biodiversity, traditional 
medicines, bio-piratry, land, rights of indigenous communities, the 
Puebla-Panama Plan, and free trade agreements.

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