Dutch Socialist Party leader Jan Marijnissen has some energy left after the weekend

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Mon Sep 29 15:42:21 MDT 2003

This Monday, 29 September, Socialist Party leader and parliamentarian Jan
Marijnissen (b. 8 october 1952) makes his debut as club DJ, at theatre cafe
Bittersweet in Amsterdam (Spuistraat nr. 2) during the Collected Works
week - an evening at which wellknown Dutch people are invited to be DJ for a
night. The ticket price for the evening will be donated at Jan's request to
the Air Balloon foundation, which provides services to youth aged 5-15 years
who have asthma. Collected Works is an event at which various artists,
writers, caberetiers and musicians play their favourite music. The Socialist
Party leader will spin the turntables just as Henk Schiffmacher, Rick de
Leeuw, Birgit, Theo van Gogh, Def P and Sanne Wallis de Vries did before
him. The club opens at 9.00 pm and the ticket is 5 euro. After Jan, the
regular hosts Dirk Diggler and Ome Ed will carry on till late. In May this
year, Socialist Party parliamentarian Arda Gerkens helped organise the
popsymposium 'Politics are Dancing' in Amstelveen, to promote better
conditions and financing for Dutch pop music artists.

Translated from: http://www.sp.nl/db/nieuws/completepage.html/1945

Jan's biography at: http://www.janmarijnissen.nl/levensloop/


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