Query - Info on Colonial Protests and Riots?

Karen Saunders Karen_Saunders at fc.brattleboro.k12.vt.us
Mon Sep 29 15:29:31 MDT 2003

I'm looking for information on colonial riots and protests around class
issues (rather than against British presence, taxes, etc.), particularly
food riots, in which colonists protested high prices on food.  I've got a
little info, such as passages in Zinn's People's History and Ray Raphael's
People's History of the American Revolution, but would like more detailed
accounts.  I've got some fairly good info on tenant riots already, but
would be happy for more on that, also.  
As we study the causes of the American Revolution in my fifth/sixth grade
class, I like kids to get a sense of the class struggles of the times, and
the ways in which people's material conditions affected their perspectives
on conflicts between the colonies and Britain.  We do role plays a lot, as
a means of looking at events from varied perspectives - what better than
food riots for elementary school students?  
I'd appreciate any suggestions of books or articles I can chase down
through interlibrary loan.  
Thanks, by the way, for all the great reading over the last few months, as
folks debated the civil war and the Brenner thesis! 

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