Was Lenin So Blind? Reply to Nestor

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2. Lenin's rentier state does not exist.  Moreover, no mechanism for bribing
the working class by distributing profits from more exploited areas has been
discovered or described.  Indeed, in this period of supposedly unchecked US
imperialism, working class conditions have worsened-- as they did concretely
between 1973 and 1993.

3. To use a phrase like "bourgeoisification of the working class" may be
cathartic to the individual using it, but it is certainly not analytic.  If the
working class is not or no longer or permanently unrevolutionary then it is
necessary to dispense IN TOTAL with Marx's analysis of capital  and replace it
with some other because Marxism is of a whole; the class structure and struggle
is the logic, the very substance of commodity production which manifests itself
in overproduction, reproduction, technical advance and decline, destruction
of values, and the necessity-- necessity
requiring, meaning AGENT-- of revolution.


On this question you must learn to rest content with the proposition that the
oppressed workers are not required to prove anything to anyone. The workers
are bourgeois in the imperial centers in relationship to the workers in the
colonies. It is a value relationship revolving around who is compelled to sell
their labor power below its value as expressed in price.

The political approach to the question is anarcho-syndicalism in the imperial

A hard pill to swallow but it must be swallowed.

It is of course true that Lenin's "Imperialism" leaves much to desire but he
admitted that and looked with envy on Bukharin's writings on imperialism. No
one disputes this but why get in front of ourselves? On the other hand Bukharin
misunderstood antagonism and the evolutionary leap - as it applied to the
curve of development in agriculture. This political error doomed him, but it
appears in history as accumulation in agriculture.

Brother, I am real political and know how to avoid the guillotine. Not so
much Marxism as political logic. I ask that you trust me on this one and suggest
a leap of faith. In return I owe you one. I beg that you yield on this one.
Yield proposition 2 and 3 and you will be a better man. Please.

You are trying to explain totality on the basis of totality and not the
exception that proves the rule. Leave Lenin alone - even when he is incomplete.

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Melvin P.

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