Query - Info on Colonial Protests and Riots?

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Mon Sep 29 21:18:41 MDT 2003

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On class struggle in the colonial cities, see Alfred Young's loving
study of a long-lived Boston workingman, George Twelves Hewes, and the
essays in his edited volume, "American Revolution: Explorations in the
History of American Radicalism" -- plus Gary B. Nash's "Urban
Crucible: The Northern Seaports and the Origins of the American
Revolution."  For how class in a New England village feeds into the
revolutionary ferment, see Robert Gross's study of Concord, Mass.,
"The Minutemen and Their World".  On food riots and crowd actions in
general, start with George Rude's "Crowd in History" about Europe and
of course E.P. Thompson's seminal essay "The Moral Economy of the
Crowd" which is reprinted in his book, "Customs in Common".

jay (who might finish his dissertation one day on this topic but hopes
another Revolution comes sooner)

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