Demo composition

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Mon Sep 29 23:24:43 MDT 2003

At Sunday's demonstration, it seemed to me that there were significantly
fewer Muslims (by which I mean who were identifiably Muslims by appearance,
of course, and also I'm speaking of percentages, not absolute numbers) than
had attended other recent antiwar marches, all the more surprising since
this demonstration was not an anti-Iraq-invasion demo but an
"anti-occupation" demo including Palestine (as well as Iraq and
Afghanistan). Watching a video that was posted on SF IndyMedia reinforced my
impression. I wonder if this was true around the country, and if anyone
would care to offer an explanation? Hopefully the explanation is not that
all the Muslim activists have been rounded up and deported. But it certainly
could be that they have been seriously intimidated by the round ups that
have occured.

Or perhaps Armand will tell me I was at a different demo, since he tells me
that 200 of the 3000 people at the demo (5000 latest estimate) were Camejo
supporters while I claimed that I saw far more Kucinich supporters than
Green Party folks (of course I was only going by signs, perhaps 180 of
Armand's 200 were there without signs and not identifiable). So Armand, do
you agree with my observation, or did we see this different as well?

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