More recall

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Tue Sep 30 11:38:38 MDT 2003

Peter is making excellent sense. He know he cannot
stop the stampede into "Anything but Arnold) voting 
by so many. Huffington is already talking about her
own dropping out and now changing over to voting
against the recall for the same reason.

What Peter is doing is securing a place for himself
in the longer term political discussion in the state.
This positioning, which included his friendly ties to
Huffington and softer tone toward Bustamente are
just what the situation called for. He wants people 
to keep their minds open to him. He knows that he
cannot change the minds of those who are allowing
themselves to be stampeded.

Peter has suggested also that Davis resign and that
would put Bustamente in the governor's chair and
eliminate the recall, since Davis cannot be recalled
if he's not in office. Davis has refused to consider
any such thing. 


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