More recall

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Tue Sep 30 12:07:54 MDT 2003

Walter wrote:

>Peter has suggested also that Davis resign and that
>would put Bustamente in the governor's chair and
>eliminate the recall, since Davis cannot be recalled
>if he's not in office. Davis has refused to consider
>any such thing.

I'm no electoral law expert, but commentators on TV discussing this a long
time ago claimed it was complete nonsense, that Davis resigning wouldn't do
anything legally to stop the status of the recall election (of course, it
MIGHT change the dynamic of how people vote, but that's a different story).

On the other question I raised, Walter, I take it you think it "makes
excellent sense" for Peter to imply that the normal course of action of for
progressives to "condemn" workers who fall for the Democratic trap?

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