On Social Imperialism (Reply to dms)

Rakesh Bhandari rakeshb at stanford.edu
Tue Sep 30 15:42:01 MDT 2003

  Paul Bairoch:

During this period the developed world exported energy to the Third
World and was almost totally self-sufficient in raw materials.  So,
other times,  other situations."

The US had enclosed within its own borders its own third world with
characteristic formally unfree and racialized forms of exploitation.
As Evelyn Nakano Glenn shows these workers enjoyed neither freedom of
contract nor citzenship: they were of another world.  19th US was an
empire on to itself even before one considers formally recognized
colonies. So... does Barioch consider the seizure by the Northern
industrial class of land and the labor of tens of millions of
super-exploited racialized proletarians in the American South and
Southwest? If not, the above claim seems meaningless.And in the case
of India, does Bairoch know of, much less refute, the work of Amiya
Baghci, Hamza Alavi and Irfan Habib?


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