Fidel: The "mystery" of this Revolution lies in the masses

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Tue Sep 30 17:39:38 MDT 2003

I think the "mystery" of the Cuban revolution, summed up here briefly
and clearly by Fidel Castro to the congress of the Committees for the
Defense of the Revolution, is also the "mystery" (in the negative) of
the fall of the Soviet Union and its Eastern European allies,
regardless of the imperialist machinations. money transfers, and other
forms of intervention that took place.

The ability of the central leaders of the Cuban revolution to adopt
and remain on this axis is the "secret" of the revolution's victory,
survival, vitality, and successes.

There really is a "mystery" here for revolutionists and fighters in
other countries, who have mostly been unable by comparison (because of
objective but also subjective obstacles -- the latter being largely a
product of the former) to adopt and sustain such a course in a
consistent way.

I'm not claiming the United States would have had a revolution like
Cuba if we had done so -- not at all -- but I think this is the axis
we have to win our way to if we are to take full advantage of openings
to advance on a revolutionary course that I think are starting to come
our way.  In that sense, Jose Perez's comment that we are coming to
the end of the "age of sects" is certainly appropriate as a
possibility and a goal to be worked toward. I still think we're a ways
from out of the woods.
Fred Feldman

GRANMA Havana. September 29, 2003

The "mystery" of this Revolution lies in the masses

• Highlights Fidel at the closing ceremony of the 6th Congress of the
Committees for the Defense of the Revolution • The five Cuban patriots
jailed in the United States send a message to the Cuban people


"I don’t think there has ever been a social process throughout history
that has been supported by the masses as much as ours. And the
"mystery" of this Revolution is the fact that it has been supported by
the masses. The achievements that have been made during these years is
the work of all of you and all our mass organizations, including the
Pioneers (schoolchildren)", stated President Fidel Castro at the Karl
Marx theater during the closure of the 6th Congress of the Committees
for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), an event that lasted three
days and was attended by 1,500 delegates and guests.

During his speech, Fidel emphasized that the greatest task has been
resisting 45 years of aggression and blockade by the most powerful
force that has ever existed in the world, and it can be said with
legitimate pride that no historical process has written a page as
brilliantly as the work written by our noble and generous people. He
added that we could feel proud of our mass organizations, for
throughout almost 45 years of Revolution everything has been made
possible by their struggle and resistance as part of our country.

The First Secretary of the Communist Party’s Central Committee
stressed that this Revolution has advanced and overcome obstacles
because it has known how to sow the seeds of awareness. He commented
that this is a nation of tremendous revolutionary spirit and
patriotism, of qualities and virtues, inheriting the ideas of our
national heroes, the concept of love of freedom and justice, and great
internationalist sentiments.

The final declaration of the meeting came when CDR members reiterated
their loyalty to the Party and to Fidel, and their commitment to
increasing their defense preparations, successfully develop the People
’s War if it becomes necessary, and to work on increasing
revolutionary vigilance.

The declaration signed by community and social organizations plus
national fronts from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the
Caribbean attending the conference was also made public during the
ceremony. The document expresses their support and solidarity with our
people, condemns the U.S. economic blockade and highlights their
commitment to support the just cause of the five Cuban heroes
imprisoned in the United States.

Letters from Ramón Libation and Antonio Guerrero to CDR members, sent
for the Congress and the organization’s 43rd anniversary, were also
read out during the ceremony.

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