[Marxism] Dying for Work In Iraq

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 1 00:08:09 MST 2004

Another dimension on US contract workers in the war zone, this from CBS
Evening News, shows one more way this capitalist war plunders the
working class in the United States:

Civilian Work In Iraq

Spurred by the continued U.S. job slump, many U.S. civilian contractors
went to Iraq seeking work; it has cost some their lives, Bob McNamara

Dying for Work

The line is hundreds long, job hunters in Houston applying for work as
cooks, truck drivers, construction workers in the chaos of Iraq . . .
they're warned the work will be long, hard, few days off
recruiter:] "
air temperature a hundred, 125 degrees."  

Still, the Texas unemployment rate is higher than it is nationwide, and
lured by potential tax-free six-figure incomes, some hadn't even told
families they were here.  
[Black worker in job line:] "
there's not too many jobs right now."  

But a thousand miles from Houston, and a world apart from Iraq, here in
Middletown, Delaware, one family learned ever so tragically, where the
desperation for work can lead when the job is in the middle of a war. .
. .  58-year old Art Linderman was ambushed by Iraqi insurgents at the
wheel of his supply truck, so critically wounded that he was on life
support before dying in late January.  
[Bob McNamara asks Mr. Linderman's wife:] "Was he for this war?"  
[Mrs. Linderman:] "No, I don't think he was."
[Bob McNamara:] "He was over there to make a living?"
[Mr. Linderman:] "He was over there to make a living.  That's all there
was to it."

Art Linderman had been out of steady work for over two years.  In Iraq
he wore a helmet, a flak jacket, and carried a gun.  Any brushes with
danger he did have, he never let on to his family.

[The Linderman's son:] "You could just basically hear it in his voice
that things were not good."

Researchers tracking Iraq's rebuilding estimate at least thirty civilian
contract workers have been killed since major hostilities were declared
over last May.

[The Linderman's son:] "It's not worth it in the long run."
[Mrs. Linderman:] "Money isn't everything."

Art Linderman risked his life for a financial nest egg he and his wife
could retire on.

[Mrs. Linderman:] "Sometimes I feel like the phone's going to ring and
it'll be him.  Or he'll walk up to the door."

Tonight, four more Americans won't be coming home.

CBS Evening News, Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Think of all the good that could be done with that treasure and power
horded by the imperialists, and you'll see again why capitalism must be
superceded by a sane and humane way of life.

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