[Marxism] Sleepwalking? Hey, Comrade, do you even know where you are at?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 1 11:58:51 MST 2004

One of the impressions I have about having lived as a US Leftist through the 
late '70s and all the '80s, was the impression that the entire US population 
sleptwalk throughout almost this entire period of time. Almost everybody in 
the US Left was into cheerleading 'solidarity' campaigns, but almost nobody 
seemed to think about, or even know much about, the even more real, major US 
military battlegrounds of that time, those of the Afghanistan and the Iran/ 
Iraq conflicts. Instead, almost all Left attention was given to opposing US 
interventionism in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Part of the reason for this was the abandonment of the antiwar movement by 
the US SWP. This left the antiwar movement arena of political activism in 
the hands of Left religious activists, to a great degree. And this favored 
'solidarity' activism and pacifism, as oppsed to mobilizing people with 
demos and non-ecclesiastical teach-ins. So the more major areas of US 
military interventionism outside of Liberation influenced Latin America, 
went by greatly unnoticed, and unreported upon.   The nuns and priests 
weren't interested, so most none of the rest of us were, either.

Something similar seems to be still underway today, and largely for the same 
reasons of Left socialist underinvolvement  (WWP eforts not withstanding) in 
the antiwar arena. A lot of this political vacuum is filled by Libertarian 
activism now, instead of just the religious pacifist crowd, that still keeps 
up its good works though. As a result, we still have a polticial movement 
that really is kind of trailing behind while the US military is being 
deployed to the front.

I bought my daughter a new globe (true) during a recent travel through 
Roswell, New Mexico, and it helps a lot to just look at one for a sec or 
two. First, look at Yugoslavia, and then follow through by looking at all 
the seas to the South and East of that unfortunate country.... the 
Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Gulf of Oman/ Persian 
Gulf. Then hop up to Kashmir, for a sec, and then go back to touring the 
seas once again... the Aral, the Caspian, and back over west to the Black 
Sea. Let's forget about Africa and other spots for a bit now. And even 
forget about the north of South America. Just pick up that globe and kind of 
stare at it directly at Armenia for a minute or two.  Do you even know where 
you are at right now?

This is not a senseless exercise at all. You are not reading the Militant, 
say? You are not listening to Donald Rumsfield talking about democracy in 
Iraq. Neither are you with the National Organization of Women in Kabul. And 
neither have you been exiled to the Central African Republic with Aristide.

We have not landed with Pat Robertson in The Holy Land. We are not in Mecca. 
We are not with the European Left in Bosnia, neither. Stangely enough, we 
have come to plant our gaze on an area where the victims of the dying 
Ottoman Empire's genocide today reside. This is where the Tsars bashed heads 
with the Sultans, and today, Isamic fundamentalism clashes with Russian 
Orthodox clashes with Benny Hinn clashes with the secular Dick Cheneyites.

Now get out a compass, and draw some increasingly bigger circles around this 
small country, Armenia. That is where your military is at, Dude. Don't wait 
until the people are in the streets to talk about it though, Comrade. You 
are supposed to help inform them BEFORE, not AFTER the fact. You are 
building socialist leadership, right? Hey, let the common folks (masses) 
know that
there is a war going on, and that it has somehing to do with Iraq, but just 
a little. Maybe Ralph and Peter won't have the time to do it. And Noam is 
getting old and might be lost in East Timor somewhere still.

Whatever.. we don't want the people learning about Iraq/ Iran and 
Afghanistan on another Sept 11 the hard way again. The time to educate is 
now, not later. Get the US Out of Southwest Asia Now! Has kind of a funny 
ring to it though.

Tony Abdo

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