[Marxism] Bill O'Reilly's "final solution"

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 1 15:31:02 MST 2004

what planet am i on?

A few years ago a man in a small city in Oregon found a stranger had
broken into his car so he shot him dead.  The local rednecks thought
this was wonderful, the man was fully within his rights, in fact it was
his civic duty to execute the criminal because--who knows?-- he might
have been armed and dangerous.  The killer's name was Mr. Hamburger, by
the way, not that it means anything.  "Blow away burglars!" my neighbour
declared.  "Make Hamburger of'em!"  These mighty minds thrive on the
mean emanations from the O'Reilly Factor, Michael Savage and Rush
Limbo.  But such enlightened folk fail to feel any empathy for townsfolk
halfway 'round the world who find armed and dangerous intruders in their
midst.  Then the tables are turned.  Imperialist invaders of the Arab
home town are duty-bound to annihilate resistors.

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