[Marxism] Normal Finkelstein being libeled in Paris by Weiselthal Centre...

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 1 16:53:49 MST 2004


Simon Wiesenthal Centre Testifies in Paris Libel Suit Against Norman 

Wiesenthal Center Los Angeles 

Paris, 26 March 2004 

Norman Finkelstein, the American author of "The Holocaust Industry", 
and his publisher, are being sued under French law against libel. The 
French edition (based on the English-language original) is considered 
and replete with Holocaust revisionism and incitement to antisemitism.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Director for International Liaison, Dr. 
Shimon Samuels, who three years ago publicly debated Finkelstein when 
the book was first published in London, presented the following 
testimony for today's Paris hearing: 

"'The Holocaust Industry' presents a great danger. Mr. Finkelstein's 
thesis is an extremist attack on Jews in general, and American Jews in 
particular, accusing them of exploiting the suffering of the Shoah as 'a 
pretext for
their crimes in the context of the Middle-East conflict.'

This thesis, so close to that of Roger Garaudy [a condemned French 
Holocaust denier and anti-Jewish hate-monger] today constitutes the 
principal credo of modern antisemitism.

With particularly acute intellectual perversity, Finkelstein exploits his own 
Jewish antecedents in order to attack, as 'racist,' specific Jewish leaders, 
their organizations and the Jewish people.

I am convinced that, as in the aforementioned Garaudy trial, only a 
judicial penalty will contain the damage wreaked by this particularly 
offensive libel." 

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