[Marxism] Re: Sleepwalking? Hey, Comrade, do you even know whereyou are at?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 1 17:40:49 MST 2004

Damn, Lou. What Eric says here is true! He and his comrades are doing all 
sorts of great things south of Falfurrias, and down river from Del Rio. But 
up here in Goliad it's a whole different story.   I've been working on the 
Ron Paul campaign here for some time....  Lou, will you sign my petition?

Oops,  actually I'm lying. I'm living in the Coastal Bend area of Texas, but 
that does sound so obscene.  It's not 'organized' living, really. Lou, I'm 
like a lot of other Americans lving outside New York City. I'm not very 
organized, and even organizing against mold here is hard to do. We did have 
one big demo about 10 years ago.  About 500 to 600 of us came out to protest 
Howard Stern's slanderous attack on Selena then. Since then, it's been kind 
of slow.

So, under the influence of talk radio, I choose only to lambaste the purity 
of Left efforts.  Come on now, Lou!  Just because I use the word 'sleepwalk' 
to describe the antiwar activites of the US Left, doesn't mean that I'm not 
supportive of you good people. In fact, I meant to come down to the McAllen 
March 20 demo to bask in the organizing work done thier by Eric, except I 
had a 2 week bout with the flu then. And couldn't get organized for the long 

It's just not a sin to live where I do, Lou.  It's America, and I still got 
a right to my comradely opinions. Not meaning to bash the Fourth 
International or anything. Really.   But some of us out in the boondocks 
really do occasionally use our sesos to keep from being bit by New York 
armadillos and such.

Now let me get myself organized and head down to the laundrymat with my kid 
and my wife before it gets too late. Things close early here.  Want some BQ, 
Lou?  I especially like that place in Junction that's got the sign out 
front, 'You Can't Beat Our Meat'.  It's just about how I feel thinking about 
my Trotskyist past.  Jack, now stop that now!  But I say that in all due 
respect to the organized Left, whcih I am a definite part of.

In Solidarity (but kind of not), Tony
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Hola Camaradas:

>[...]You blather
>on  and on at length about what the left is doing wrong but betray
>almost no  connection to the organized movement on your part. This may
>be because you  are living in South Texas.[..]

>Louis Proyect
>Marxism list: www.marxmail.org

Whoa! Orale! Momento. Don't blame South Texas! South Texas, if anything,
is one of the continuing bastions of grass-roots activism (UFW, Chican@
movement, immigrant rights, etc.). All along the Texas-Mexico border, from
Laredo to  McAllen to Brownsville, we're in that edge between the grand
economy of the US empire and the extreme poverty that exists in Reynosa,
Nuevo Laredo, and Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. A border of naked
capitalist exploitation, but also where the possibilities exists for
better communication between unions, community-based organizations, and
Leftist parties. For what's worth, Partido Socialista de Valle makes its
home in South Texas.

por el socialismo,
Erik Toren

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