[Marxism] Kargalitsky on Kosovo

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Fri Apr 2 01:13:34 MST 2004

Nestor Gorojovsky wrote:

>> Serbian nationalists are no more decent and
>> honorable than the Albanians who incite riots and murder. In feuds like
>> this there are no good guys, just the bad and the very bad.
> The above is shit.  But let us assume it is true, which it isn't.

So you are saying setting fire at Mosques is good, and torching churches 
is bad?

> At any rate, one of the sides counts on imperialist support.

No, both sides are counting on imperialist support. The Albanian 
nationalists want an indepedence given to them by NATO, the Serbian want 
that Kosovo remains part of Serbia.

The NATO rulers of Kosovo have delayed a decision for a long time and are 
happy to play off Serbs vs. Albanians. Pogroms only play in the hands of 
the imperialists and allow them to go on with 'rule and divide'.


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