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The self-righteous tone the USA takes with respect to prison conditions in Cuba is asinine.

Can any person with any expertise whatsoever about prison conditions in the USA be found who would allege that forcible homosexual rape is not rampant?

I'm not referring at all to consensual homosexual relations.  I'm stating that every person with any expertise on prison conditions in the USA knows damn well that forcible homosexual rape is rampant in the US prison system.

Is there any person who alleges that this systemic epidemic of forcible homosexual rape inside US prisons is not a serious violation of human rights?

Again, I am not referrring in any way to consensual homosexual activity occurring inside US prisons.   Rape is a profoundly traumatic felony and should not be analytically confused with consensual sexual activity, be it homosexual or heterosexual.

The self-righteous tone the Empire takes on this subject as it demands the unchallenged right to nanomanage the affairs of other nations is despicable.


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While no one in the world would like to be incarcerated,
and while what we're now seeing in the tours provided by
the Cuban government is, of course, a guided tour, there's
quite a bit to be learned from both the story and the
images. Since the US has set itself up as the judge, jury
and final arbiter of what's right and what's wrong with
Cuba, it's well worth the readers' time to consider what
we're seeing here, and to compare it with what we have
heard about prison conditions in the United States, and
also in the prison at US-occupied Guantanamo naval base.
The parts about inmates having children and also about
conjugal visitation are particularly significant.

Not long ago I saw a terrifying film called JUVIES, a
new documentary movie about the way children are being
treated as adults in the United States prison system.
Some teenagers have been sent away for ten, twenty and
even thirty years. With sentences like these, such
young people, some of whom have committed dreadful 
crimes, can only expect to come out as sociopaths.
JUVIES the movie WEBSITE: http://www.juvies.net/ 

This is the best of the various articles we've seen in
recent days since the Cuban authorities decided to grant
members of the foreign media some access to Cuban prisons.
It'd be much better for readers with internet access to go
to the MSNBC website to look at the photographs which can't
be sent out in plain text format. It's also clear, as we've'
been reading, that in these prisons we don't see any of the
convicts who were sent there for being paid agents of the
United States. Last week something quite unprecedented
took place: on-camera interviews by Cuban television with
wives off the inmates which were then broadcast on Cuban
television. Transcripts of those interviews were sent out
to CubaNews and other lists. Who knows what else we're
likely to see next?  Also, there's an excellent pair of
interactive photo galleries on the MSNBC site as well.)


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