[Marxism] Correction to my reply to Jos é , from Brian Shannon

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Fri Apr 2 10:25:40 MST 2004

I wrote "rules", when I should have written "rulers". And then in cutting
and pasting I said "Bush/Blair" instead of "Blair/Bush"! How easy it is to
be corrupted!  I have also strengthened my second paragraph.

I disagree with José about the nature of the "real world" and about the role
of revolutionists in fighting against the patriotism (however hidden) for
their own country. "Blair/Bush" says: "Yes, we are equally morally
responsible" for our rulers are conducting this war (including providing the
lies about 'yellow cakes,' etc.) to the extent of our economic and political

Within Britain, adopting a slogan that puts Blair before Bush, i.e., the
Blair-Bush War, may appeal to the revolutionary-pacifist sentiment that we
are the enemy, i.e., that we are responsible for our own leaders and we must
get rid of them. Bush is there--in the United States; Blair is here--in
Britain. Of course, this particular slogan was meant to suggest a strategy.
What would work best is up to the activists within any country. However, The
Militant was basically correct. The overwhelming emphasis on Bush during his
March 2003 visit meant that an educational opportunity for revolutionists
was lost.

from Brian Shannon

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