[Marxism] Define the "Left"?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 2 20:52:23 MST 2004

The Left consists of all those who believe that the current social system 
has defects that are making life on Planet Earth rather miserable. This 
includes many non-marxsts, including anarchists, liberals, ecologists, 
feminists, gay activists, nationalists, Christian pacifists, and so on.

Not to include liberals in the Left, as Jm Craven says he doesn't do, is 
totally sectarian, though an entirely understandable sentiment. But I don't 
know that Lou Proyect's framework is any less sectarian?  On one hand Lou 
seems to make The Left, post Russian Revoution, out of only those who 
supported that Revolution. But then he turns around and makes a big deal out 
of the Green Party Movement, which in many ways is nothing more than an 
international liberal effort to reconstitute Social Democracy, whcih itself 
has fallen into a discredit as profound as the Communist Movement has 
achieived. Plus, we know that the Social Democrats rejected the Russian 
Revolution in most large part.  And to add to that, Lou is convinced that 
the Fourth Internalists are merely irrlelvent, sectarian ultraLefts, are so 
he apears to imply that.

It's very possible that both Jim and Lou made  rather hasty replies to a 
pretty broad and dificult question to answer on the spur of the moment?   
Here in South Texas I call someone a Leftist if they don't believe in angels 
or curanderos. But Eric Toren, South Texas socailist activist, might 
disagree with this definition?  But one thing I am sure of is this... 
anarchists, 'Greens', and even the Democratic Party John Kerry voter  
somehow should somehow be considered parts of the Left. But the 
Libertarians? Let's call them the US Mutant Left, shall we? What more can be 

Tony Abdo

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