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l> First a self-correction. My reading of The Militant editorial of
l> 4/5/04 was superficial.

  I have to admit that I didn't read it at all.

l> I jumped to the conclusion that this phrasing implied
l> inter-imperialist military conflict. However, nowhere in the editorial
l> is this stated.

l> But the editorial does not say that the imperialist powers will
l> fight each other. The plunder being described is clearly of the
l> colonial or semi-colonial world and the former soviet bloc.
l> Lueko is replying to my own false argument. "My bad" to use a current
l> U.S. expression.

  I was just explaining my view of the interimperialist conflicts as  
they are unfolding and sharpening, and to what extent my view  
coincides with those expressed in "The Militant" over the past 15  
years, and where not.

  I do think that these conflicts have the _tendency_ to escalate in a  
new interimperialist war, and that this needs to be explained, but  
that there should not be a crying "Wolf!" in every moment.

  History will tell, and history will be made primarily be the  
intervention of broad masses -- millions and hundreds of millions of  

  E.g. today there are three big demonstrations in Germany protesting  
against the social cutbacks and wage dumping policies of the  
government. In Berlin, Cologne, and Stuttgart.

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