[Marxism] Re: Bush November 2003 Visit To England--reply to Walter

Steve Gabosch bebop101 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 3 03:30:29 MST 2004

Hi Walter,

I was pondering your question to Brian and was Googling and reading recent
reports on the new Zapatero government when, lo and behold, the new April 13
Militant editorial popped up.  I am glad it did.  I think it
addresses your question pretty well.  Who is suggesting that Spanish working
people, revolutionists, socialists etc. should not oppose Spanish
imperialism?  Well, the new social-democratic Zapatero government is.  And
what is the new Zapatero government doing in support of imperialism?  The
Militant editorial, and a lead article it is linked to, address these
questions forthrightly.

The URL for this Militant editorial is:

I have extracted and quoted 8 points in this editorial for your

So, I am curious, Walter – and any other reader on marxmail that might like to
respond - whether you disagree with any of these points.  Perhaps these
editorial points have some facts wrong?  Or are interpreting the facts
incorrectly?  What do you think?  Furthermore, of the points below you do
agree with, I am curious where else you have read them, and
especially, where you have read them in the same place.

1.  “
all the imperialist powers are stepping up their offensive against
working people at home and abroad under the banner of the “war on terrorism.”"

2.  “Each is doing so to advance the interests of its own ruling class.”

3.  “The newly elected social-democratic government in Spain has taken a
prowar stance from the beginning­not an “antiwar” position, as claimed by
many liberal and radical commentators.”

4.  “Zapatero has not promised to withdraw all Spanish troops from Iraq. He
has said the goal is to keep them there 

5.  “The new government in Madrid hopes UN sponsorship will improve Spanish
finance capital’s position relative to Washington in Iraq.”

6.  The new Zapatero government has announced that "it will double the size
of its contingent in Afghanistan to 250 troops.”

7.  Washington is “pressing NATO powers in Europe to take responsibility for
the imperialist occupation of Afghanistan and elsewhere.”

8.  Initially, NATO governments “committed few troops and military hardware
in Afghanistan. Today, however, Madrid is taking the lead in this direction.”

Just to round out this summary, this Militant editorial goes on to denounce
the attacks that are mounting on
the domestic front in Spain and the US.  In its concluding paragraph, the
editorial demands that “all imperialist troops get out of Iraq, Afghanistan,
the Balkans, Korea, Haiti, Colombia, Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and everywhere
else ­ now!”

Thank you,
- Steve

Walter asks:
Has someone argued that "revolutionists" or anyone
shouldn't oppose Spanish, New Zealand, or any other
imperialism? Why these fierce polemics against the
positions no one has taken?

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