[Marxism] Germany: nearly half a million against social cutbacks, lower wages

Lueko Willms l.willms at jpberlin.de
Sat Apr 3 08:27:45 MST 2004

    Nearly half a million people marched today in Berlin, Köln  
(Cologne) and Stuttgart against the policies of the government which  
passed laws to lower old age pensions, raised costs for medical care,  
and puts pressure on wages.

    The federal states have terminated the contract with the public  
service unions on working hours and conditions; the government of  
Bavaria (CSU) has announced it wants to return to a 42-hour-workweek,  
forcing new hires to accept this in their contract.

   The demonstrations had been called by the trade union  
confederation, DGB, by Attac and other groups and movements.

   Nearly a quarter of a million came in Berlin to the Brandenburg  
Gate, where the closing rally took place. Three times as much as  
expected by the organizers, the media said. The DGB chairperson was  
among the speakers in Berlin.

   About 120'000 people assembled in the south-western city of  

    Resistance is starting.

Lüko Willms
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