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[Marxism] Spain, "The Militant" and "anti-American demagogy"



In relation to the comments below by Walter, I do not know where you get your information that the Miitant is read seriously by the working class, thatit is embedded in the heartland, etc. I live in the heartland, in Chicago,and I am fully aware of what is going on in the working class and othermovements around here.    The only place I find the Militant read seriously is on this listserve.Nowhere else. Nowhere. It is not even read non-seriously. I can run into Socialist Worker, Peoples World, Workers World, Revolutionary Worker, WorkersVanguard (the original, undiluted Militant!) without much effort. The onlyplace the Militant is taken seriously that I know of is this listserve. And no,you cannot infer that is meant as a compliment. Bye, Stan SmithThis is in response to Steve Gabosch's questions.
I appreciate the chance to attempt to clarify.

by Walter Lippmann, April 3, 2004

It's uncertain if THE MILITANT has a vast readership in
Spain. There are no addresses in Spain in THE MILITANT,
though they have offices in Iceland and New Zealand.

Here in the United States THE MILITANT is read seriously
in the working class and working farm communities, where
THE MILITANT has twenty-three addresses in its directory,
I'm confident that it is studied carefully and that its
teachings are being assimilated assiduously. 

THE MILITANT, a newspaper embedded in the heartland of 
the United States of America, waxes indignant against a
troubling virus which must be both exposed and defeated:
"anti-American demagogy". This has been recently utilized
by the Socialist Workers Party (of Spain) in an attempt
to expand the influence of Spanish imperialism, evidently
with a little bit of luck, having elected a new president
replacing the regime of Jose Maria Aznar using this very
noxious method. 

They're really bent out of shape over this:

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