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Here's a feisty Nader voter!

*****   Kerry Should Quit
Posted by Jimmy Montague on Tuesday March 23, 2004 at 7:00 am MST [ 
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I don't know if the rest of you have pegged Sen. John Kerry yet. But 
I have. So I'm here to tell John Kerry, and Terry McAuliffe, and the 
Democratic Party: If you think I'll vote to replace a jerk from Texas 
with a jerk from Massachusetts, then you're a jerk who'd better think 

I voted for Bill Clinton in '92 and again in '96 - not because I 
liked him but because, bad as he was, Clinton wasn't as bad as the 
Republican alternative. But '96 was the end of it for me. I'm not 
playing that game any more. I voted Nader in 2000. In fact, I voted 
third-party in every race on the ballot. And I'll do it again unless 
I find something that goes down smoother than Republican Lite.

As I write, John Kerry runs around the country telling anyone who'll 
listen that he can manage the Iraq war better than George Bush. I 
don't give a damn if he can. The war in Iraq doesn't need to be 
managed. It needs to be stopped.

Kerry says that Dubya deceived him and his colleagues. Had Democrats 
known the administration's case against Saddam was false, they 
wouldn't have voted for the war. But I knew the administration's case 
was false simply from reading press reports on the Internet. If Kerry 
and the Democrats are so easily deceived, then none are fit for the 
Oval Office and all of them should resign. Instead, they want to 
manage the war better.

Talk about Iraq leads to talk about Uncle Sam's Middle-East policy. 
Our leaders told us for years of a "special relationship" that exists 
between the United States and Israel. I think it's time our leaders 
explained that relationship for the American people. Considering 
Israel is our biggest foreign-aid client, considering we now fight 
wars in part to defend Israel, we deserve an explanation. Bush won't 
explain. Kerry doesn't promise to tell us, either. He wants to manage 
the war better.

Are we at war in Iraq because (as many insist) we're running out of 
oil? If so, then we need a national energy policy that reflects the 
fact. We should invest the billions slated for Iraq in alternative 
energy and new forms of transport. I hear Kerry say he'll toss a few 
billion in that direction, but nothing like the wad that he's wound 
up to hurl at Iraq. He wants to manage the war better.

Kerry says he'll protect us from terrorism by hiring 100,000 cops and 
100,000 firefighters. I'd feel safer if he'd fire 100,000 cops, 
dismantle the paranoiac Department of Homeland Security, enact 
socialized medicine, end the drug war, reaffirm our Bill of Rights, 
reform the insurance companies, break up big media and business 
conglomerates, tear up the tax code and write a new one. . . .

Yeesh! When I start thinking about all the good things a good 
president could do for America, it's hard to stop. But Kerry doesn't 
promise any of that. He wants to manage the war better.

A recent A.P. poll shows that 46 percent of likely voters favor 
George Bush for president, 45 percent favor John Kerry and 6 percent 
favor Ralph Nader.

Bush's numbers are firm. The only people who still listen to him are 
fanatics. If Bush kicked his wife into the middle of the street and 
slit her throat on live television, he'd still have that 46 percent.

Nader's numbers are firm, too. We Nader voters want reform. We know 
we won't get it from Kerry, so we won't vote for him no matter how 
often he promises to manage the war better.

With 52 percent firmly against him, Kerry is a loser before the race 
starts. If he wasn't a jerk to boot, he'd drop out now. Kerry's 
presence on the slate in Election 2004 will only pull votes away from 
Nader and allow George Bush to win.

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