[Marxism] From Norman Finkelstein

Mine Doyran mine.doyran at verizon.net
Sat Apr 3 19:16:55 MST 2004

Finkeltein's is the kind of "organic intellectualism" that every academic
should subscribe to. This was the first time that I watched him speak in
front of an audience. I listened to him in a panel discussion before, but he
did not speak very long.

He is an impressive speaker and a man of substantial knowledge. I was amazed
to see how he could cite different books on Holocaust without just name
dropping or doing injustice to their arguments. The audience also asked
reasonable questions, to which he was able to speak his mind without

Personality wise, I have found Finkelstein as an academic with great sense
of humor and modest manners-- a social ability hard to find among academics.

His "immediate" response to Lou's post also showed his readiness for
interaction with the real world..

Anyhow, just a few observations...

Mine Doyran

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