[Marxism] Three Salvadoran Soldiers Wounded in Iraq

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 3 19:55:51 MST 2004

(Already on the first day that Spanish Prime Minister
Zapatero has held office, reality has conformed the
correctness of Fidel Castro's explanation:

("by virtue of actions and pressures on the part of 
Mr. Aznar as president of the government of Spain, 
more than 1,000 young men from small and impoverished 
Latin American nations were sent as cannon fodder to 
Iraq under the command of the Spanish Legion. Thus,
the possible death of any of those young people is 
the responsibility of the Spanish state.

("The peoples of Latin America thus have the right
to expect the immediate return of those young people. 
They do not have a duty to wait until June 30. 
The death of any one of those young Salvadorans, 
Hondurans, Dominicans and Nicaraguans would be doubly 
sad if, being immediately preventable, it is not 
prevented, given that the political responsibility 
of the principal author of that measure has been 
swept away by the Spanish people.") FIDEL'S TEXT:


San Salvador, Apr 3 (Prensa Latina) Three Salvadorian
soldiers from the Plus Ultra troops were wounded in the
Iraqi city of Kufa, reported a source from the Salvadorian
Armed Forces.

The head of the 360-strong Cuscatlan Batallion stationed in
Iraq, Col. Hugo Orellana Calidonio, said the three men were
wounded by shrapnel from the explosives launched by 10
identified attackers against their patrolling unit.

Sergeant Jose Ricardo Hernandez and Corporals Juan Simon
Perez and Gumersindo de Jesus Garcia were among the latest
group to arrive in the Middle East country to replace the
first group, after outgoing President Francisco Flores
refusal to meet demands from different national sectors for
definitive withdrawal.


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