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Sat Apr 3 20:52:16 MST 2004

 > Serbian nationalists are no more decent and
 > honorable than the Albanians who incite riots and murder. In feuds like
 > this there are no good guys, just the bad and the very bad.

The above is shit.  But let us assume it is true, which it isn't.

At any rate, one of the sides counts on imperialist support.

Doesn't this sound an alarm bell in Kagarlitski's "Marxist" mind?

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky

Dear Nestor, your unerring intuition ever feels a rat when there is one 
in the vicinity of one hundred miles. 
Kagarlitsky is what we call in Russia "the comprador left".  His feeding 
are mostly in the West--the broad liberal Left (formerly anti-Soviet, 
now anti-Russian), with its infrustructure foundations, conferences and 
other pleasant trifles -- so he takes care to be a good pal of Western 
governments.  To put it simply, it is scandalous that the Western Left 
still considers "our Boris" a "socialist voice from Russia".  I mean 
SCANDALOUS.  Till recently he worked as a head of the political 
department (!)  in "Novaya Gazeta" , a rabbidly anti-communist rag for 
who anyone left to Friedman and Hayek is the  "enemy of open society."   
We did several exposes of Kagarlitsky and his gang in the last couple of 
years.  Now Kagarlitsky is a director of the Institute for Globalization 
Studies (IPROG), a "structure" with rather suspicious sources of funding 
and political connections.  Just to give you a sense of what we mean by 
the "comprador Left"  this is a snippet from our recent article "The Fakes".


What is IPROG?  Who finances this institute?  What are its goals?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer even the first question due to the 
absolute lack of any information about it in the official website of 
IPROG.  Clearly, it is not an educational institution, there is no 
mentioning of professors, students and the like.   Perhaps then  IPROG 
conducts some scientific research? It does not look like that.  There is 
no program of research, no publications in scholarly journals, no 
research departments are listed and no information given of scholarly 
degrees and achievents of the Institute's members.  It is also clear 
that at least some of them have no relation to science. No documents 
published on its website can be called scholarly even remotely.   

The Institute does not provide any information about the sources of 
financing, though even in Russia this has become a norm, at least for 
the NGO type of organizations.  Fortunately, some light on this question 
has been shed by some frank public statements made by the IPROR leadres, 
the Director Boris kagarlitsky and his deputy Dmitry Glinsky.  This what 
they said in their interview to the press agency APN a year ago, when 
Kagarlitsky was appointed as IPROG's director.  We quote the text of the 
APN interview in entirety.

30 September 2002

At their press conference today, the Director of IPROG Boris Kagarlitsky 
and his deputy Dmitry Glinsky have announced that due to the fact that 
Russian economy is based on the export of raw materials, those Russians 
who are under 50 and hold scientific degrees in other disciplines other 
than economics as a rule cannot have successful carier and therefore 
become implacable "antiglobalists" and form a social base for  political 
radicalism and extremism.

"In the conditions of a peripheral, dependent capitalism Russian 
government no longer controls the situation in the country" - thinks 
Dmitry Glinsky.  This is why, in the opinion of the IPROG experts, only 
"the strategically minded part" of the transnational capital could stop 
the social degradation in Russia, threatening a "guarilla war" against 
the world order.

Today's press-conference presented the IPROG in its new shape.  IPROG 
was founded in 1995 by Mikhail Deliagin who for many years worked as 
expert on economy for the President and the government.  This spring 
Deliagin returned to the state service as the assistant of 
prime-minister Mikhail Kasianov and put at the helmet of the Instirute 
the well-known left socialogist Boris Kagarlitsky.  Since then the 
Institute's stuff has grown significantly, it collaborates with a number 
of international projects and shows potential for becoming influential 
left intellectual center.

Vadim Stolz

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