[Marxism] RE: Spain, the Militant, etc.

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 4 06:44:55 MDT 2004

My formulations were being ironic. I know perfectly well
that readers of THE MILITANT are modest in number...

I started selling the paper back in 1962, and did so 
until 1983. It's a case-study in how a self-described
"revolutionary" organization can go off the deep end with
no mechanism to correct its errors. In 2000, they echoed
Cuban-American right-wingers and the rest of the USA's
ultra-right when they said that Elian Gonzalez' rescue 
was a "violation of the democratic rights of the working
class." They never stated what "democratic rights"
kidnappers actually have... Today they've taken to 
warning against "anti-American demagogy" in foreign
countries. Who knows what positions they'll take next?

Here's a term paper project for students: Compare and 
contrast the positions of the Cubans on Elian Gonzales 
and that of THE MILITANT....sources provided

In relation to the comments below by Walter, I do not know
where you get your information that the Miitant is read
seriously by the working class, that it is embedded in the
heartland, etc.

I live in the heartland, in Chicago, and I am fully aware of
what is going on in the working class and other movements
around here. The only place I find the Militant read
seriously is on this listserve. Nowhere else. Nowhere. 
It is not even read non-seriously.

I can run into Socialist Worker, Peoples World, Workers
World, Revolutionary Worker, Workers Vanguard (the
original, undiluted Militant!) without much effort. The
only place the Militant is taken seriously that I know of is
this listserve. And no, you cannot infer that is meant as a

Bye, Stan Smith

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