[Marxism] NY National Guard troops return home poisoned with U-235, U-234, U-236

Andy Coates esquincle at capital.net
Sun Apr 4 08:51:14 MDT 2004

Anyone interested in this topic should get to know the work of Dr. Asaf 
Duracovic, featured below.
Depleted uranium exposure and toxicity in Iraq, starting with the 
effects upon Iraqi children after 1991, MUST be thoroughly studied and 
Andy Coates


Poisoned?  Shocking report reveals local troops may be victims of 
America's high-tech weapons
Saturday, April 3rd, 2004

Four soldiers from a New York Army National Guard company serving in 
Iraq are contaminated with radiation likely caused by dust from 
depleted uranium shells fired by U.S. troops, a Daily News 
investigation has found.

They are among several members of the same company, the 442nd Military 
Police, who say they have been battling persistent physical ailments 
that began last summer in the Iraqi town of Samawah.

"I got sick instantly in June," said Staff Sgt. Ray Ramos, a Brooklyn 
housing cop. "My health kept going downhill with daily headaches, 
constant numbness in my hands and rashes on my stomach."

A nuclear medicine expert who examined and tested nine soldiers from 
the company says that four "almost certainly" inhaled radioactive dust 
from exploded American shells manufactured with depleted uranium.

Laboratory tests conducted at the request of The News revealed traces 
of two manmade forms of uranium in urine samples from four of the 

If so, the men - Sgt. Hector Vega, Sgt. Ray Ramos, Sgt. Agustin Matos 
and Cpl. Anthony Yonnone - are the first confirmed cases of inhaled 
depleted uranium exposure from the current Iraq conflict.

The 442nd, made up for the most part of New York cops, firefighters and 
correction officers, is based in Orangeburg, Rockland County. 
Dispatched to Iraq last Easter, the unit's members have been providing 
guard duty for convoys, running jails and training Iraqi police. The 
entire company is due to return home later this month.

"These are amazing results, especially since these soldiers were 
military police not exposed to the heat of battle," said Dr. Asaf 
Duracovic, who examined the G.I.s and performed the testing that was 
funded by The News.
As part of the investigation by the Daily News, Dr. Asaf Duracovic, a 
nuclear medicine expert who has conducted extensive research on 
depleted uranium, examined the nine soldiers from the 442nd Military 
Police in late December and collected urine specimens from each.

Another member of his team, Prof. Axel Gerdes, a geologist at Goethe 
University in Frankfurt who specializes in analyzing uranium isotopes, 
performed repeated tests on the samples over a week-long ­period. He 
used a state-of-the art procedure called multiple collector inductively 
coupled plasma-mass spectrometry.

Only about 100 laboratories worldwide have the same capability to 
identify and measure various uranium isotopes in minute quantities, 
Gerdes said.

Gerdes concluded that four of the men had depleted uranium in their 
bodies. Depleted uranium, which does not occur in nature, is created as 
a waste product of uranium enrichment when some of the highly 
radioactive isotopes in natural uranium, U-235 and U-234, are 

Several of the men, according to Duracovic, also had minute traces of 
another uranium isotope, U-236, that is produced only in a nuclear 
reaction process.

"These men were almost certainly exposed to radioactive weapons on the 
battlefield," Duracovic said.
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