[Marxism] IRSP condemns Scottish Socialist Party,

Red Net dwalters at igc.org
Sun Apr 4 12:19:18 MDT 2004

Well, Paul, all I can say is that the hottest places in hell are 
reserved for those that are neutral. That a socialist group can reduce 
one of Europe's longest running colonial occupations to 'sectarianism 
strife' is a sad day indeed.

I would say that most of us here support the SSP in what it has 
accomplished, being able to survive and even flourish as a small 
minority party challenging the big bourgeois parties of Scotland. But 
precisely for all the reasons you laid out about Scotland's 
relationship to the Irish are EXACTLY the reasons you need to come down 
on the side of a United Ireland. If there is one point that will be the 
undoing of the SSP, it's not even Scottish independence, it's Irish 
independence...it was the major weak-point of the old Labour Militant, 
it will, if the SSP continues this particular left-over from it's 
political heritage, continue to be one for you as well.


David Walters

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