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This is certainly my experience when I try to push Worker Ownership of the 
corporations as a means of ending capitalism.
Ken Ranney
Worker ownership of corporations is a great idea, but I think that in the 
current climate it is very difficult for most American workers to envision a time 
when it would become a reality.
Few of us even have ESOPs - employee stock ownership plans.  Most of us are 
not fortunate enough to be in unions, and despite laws to the contrary, could 
easily be fired if we try to start one at our jobs.  We do not have First 
Amendment rights at work, and corporations are treated like persons in American 
law.  It is far too easy to get and maintain corporate charters; no labor, human 
rights or environmental standards exist as conditions for corporations to keep 
their charters to operate.

There are a number of U.S. organizations working to try to change this, using 
different strategies and paradigms; but I think it will be slow going even if 
Kerry wins.

I earn my living as a law librarian at a corporate law firm that shall go 
nameless here and daily wrestle with the contradictions of working for a firm 
that does some excellent pro bono work but mainly derives its revenues from 
defending corporate privilege and corporate power.  That is one reason why I'm 
active on lists such as this one, and try to give as much money and time as I can 
spare (within the confines of being a working parent) to progressive causes 
and organizations.

At midlife, I still harbor hopes that one day I will finally find a way to 
earn a living that is less contradictory and more fully consistent with my own 
ideals and philosophy.  In this context, I also look forward to retirement as a 
time of liberation; to be able to speak more freely at all times of the day 
and to devote more time to the causes that I believe in.

as Marxists I think you understand why I'm not
signing with my full name on this email

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