[Marxism] Cuba, Militant, American Marxists

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> This is certainly my experience when I try to push Worker Ownership of the
> corporations as a means of ending capitalism.
> Ken Ranney


Can you explain to me how "worker ownership" would end capitalism? If such a
corporation still operates in the overall (world) capitalist  MARKET, it
would need to make profit in order to survive, and the workers would thus be
exploiting themselves. If the "workers" decide that profit is no longer the
main goal of the corporation, then it is no longer a corporation.

Would your conception be "socialism in one corporation" or would all workers
everywhere demand it simultaneously? Or would such ownership be mediated by
a democratically-constituted state?

I'm sorry. There are so many problems and ambiguities with the notion that I
can't get excited about it.

steve heeren

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