[Marxism] Re:Being realistic about 'The Militant'

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Apr 4 20:11:02 MDT 2004

Walter wrote:
> Here in the United States THE MILITANT is read seriously
> in the working class and working farm communities, where
> THE MILITANT has twenty-three addresses in its directory,
> I'm confident that it is studied carefully and that its
> teachings are being assimilated assiduously. 

Er, "read seriously in the working class and working farm communities"?

I think not.

A few hundred workers in a country with, what, 280 million people, might 
  read, or maybe flick through, a copy of 'The Militant'.

I doubt more than one or two dozen people in farming communities read it.

> THE MILITANT, a newspaper embedded in the heartland of 
> the United States of America, waxes indignant against a
> troubling virus which must be both exposed and defeated:
> "anti-American demagogy". 

'The Militant' is embedded in an office in New York.  Its paid 
circulation would be at the smaller end of the small circulation of the 
US far left press.

The ISO's journal 'International Socialist Review', which is a much 
heavier publication, sells about 8,500 copies an issue, which must be 
getting up to around ten times what 'The Militant' sells in the US.  I 
would guess that 'Socialist Worker' probably outsells 'The Militant' by 
  five or ten to one, each week.  And I would guess that 'Workers World' 
and the Sparts' 'Vanguard' outsell it as well.

Their positions certainly reveal US chauvinism on their (especially 
Barnes' part), but they have about zero impact on the working class in 
the US.

So let's be realistic.


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