Matthew Dubuque mdubuque at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 5 10:04:20 MDT 2004

Robert Fisk predicted 10 or 11 months ago that the following change in descriptions would track a humiliating defeat in Iraq:

1.  First the resistance would just be called "Saddam die-hards".

2.  Then the resistance would be labeled as outside foreign fighters.

3.  Then, as the US was leaving, the description would change to "everyone in Iraq is opposed to the US.

This prediction was shockingly prescient last May.  It now appears we are in Stage 2.5 on the above chart.

The USA does not understand, has no clue, that Sistani will actually turn against it rather quickly.  Sistani has already carefully laid the groundwork for this coming mass revolt.

The information is out there that this is pending, but cognitive dissonance prevents the corporate media and the so-called intelligentsia in the US from understanding it.

Then we will be in Phase III.

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