[Marxism] Shall Bush's profile be lowered at anti-war protests?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 5 11:52:56 MDT 2004

(This is a further response to Brian Shannon's comments
on anti-war tactics for Spain and the United Kingdom.)

The United States is in charge of both the invasion and
the occupation of Iraq. Blair and Aznar only going along
for the ride. They were not independent actors in the
situation. They could not have invaded Iraq on their own.
If US troops were removed, Spanish and British troops
would be immediately withdrawn, or else immediately
wiped out. The main responsible party for the war is
located in Washington, DC. It's really that simple. 

The attacks made against the anti-war movement by various
and sundry sectarians for their supposed failure to take
on their local regimes was effectively nothing but in 

THE MILITANT is now campaigning against what it calls
"anti-American demagogy". This is but one more attempt 
to impose US thinking on those in foreign countries 
opposed to the war in Iraq. The SWP is a group from the
United States of America laying down conditions on the
people of other countries for how they should conduct
their struggle, how they should formulate their ideas
and what kinds of demands they may be allowed to make:

Shannon, too, objects to the centrality of the US's
Commander-in-Chief as target of anti-war protests so
Shannon is upset at his President's being focused on
as the object of anti-war protests. Why should Bush
NOT be the target? There need to be more and bigger
protests against Washington's war and Bush wherever
he shows himself in public. 

Below Shannon's comments you will find links to two
previous attempts to explain this, one by Mumia Abu-
Jamal, two by myself. 

Walter Lippmann

REPEATING BRIAN SHANNON's "two very sound ideas"
(1) In the November 2003 anti-Bush demonstrations, hatred
of Bush should have been used to sharpen hatred of Blair,
who is a co-leader of the pack and not just Bush's puppy;
[It must be obvious that pillorying Blair would also be the
greatest possible weakening of U.S. imperialism.]

(2) The socialist defender of Spanish imperialism is
adapting himself to hatred of Bush to strengthen his own
hand against Basque separatism, etc. Spanish revolutionists
strengthen their position if they are able to craft
propaganda and agitation against Spanish imperialism (the
one in their own country) as well as against American

OF THE EXACT SAME THING, one by Mumia, two by myself


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