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Walter Lippmann gives lip service to this only to violate it in the next two

"Ideas, SHOULD be discussed on their own merits. Thus the
political stance or posture of trying to fashion detailed
tactical prescriptions for others in faraway places needs
to be abandoned. Such discussion is completely ABSTRACT."

I do think that in the world of politics, as in the world of science, 
history, sociology, etc., one can have a sound idea even though you may not yourself 
be involved or even "practice
what you preach."


"A sound idea" is the meaning of abstraction in general. Sound ideas have a 
history in which someone at what time or another verified the "truth of the 
idea." "Practice what you preach" is a variation of "physican heal thyself" or 
the demand for one to verify the soundess of their idea on their own body or in 
this case, on the basis of their owbn working class movement. 

An idea based on its own merit has no meaning. 

We revolutionaries in the imperial centers must be careful, and never forget 
who we are and have been. The revolutionaries in the North of the American 
Union - especially the dominant political tradition of this listserver, have 
generally extracted for themselves the right to criticize earth based on what they 
consider to be "sound ideas." 

I am not of this tradition and the ideas are in fact not "sound" as I 
understand the last fifty years of American history. I find the entire discussion 
concerning the SWP as an ideological trend absurd and totally outside of anything 
living and vibrant within the working class movement as it evolved in the 
post World War II period. 

Factional nonsense, divorced from anything living or having any connection 
with any section or sector of the working class movement. 

Physician heal thyself, as the only material factor to offer "sound ideas." 

Melvin P. 

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