[Marxism] SMALL THOUGHT FOR ANTI-WAR TACTICS (feel free to ridicule)

Matthew Dubuque mdubuque at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 5 14:58:31 MDT 2004

There seems to be a bit of discussion about the best way forward to stop this war.

Yesterday I recalled how the Argentine people managed to overturn four successive governments neo-liberals foisted on them recently in the space of just a few short weeks.

We finally have someone in power in Argentina now who is willing to prosecute the generals.  I know Kirchner is not perfect (far from it) but it is undeniable progress.  The generals are going to jail.

The technique these people used was simply extremely loud banging of silverware on metal pots and pans.  I mean loud, extremely loud, done by up to 150,000 people in unison.  It was absolutely deafening.

This has obvious disadvantages which I will not explore here.  We all know what they are.

It does have several advantages however.   You can do it more than once without getting thrown in jail.  The noise is so deafening that TV exposure is heavy.  And it is impossible to ignore.

Feel free to reject it out of hand with snide comments.

But people who were there will tell you that the cacoleteros (sp?) got results pretty fast in Argentina.


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