[Marxism] Re: IRSP condemnation of SSP

Paul Cockshott clyder at gn.apc.org
Mon Apr 5 16:32:07 MDT 2004

James Daly cites the fact that the SSP invited a speaker from
the PUP as evidence that our position was biased. We also
invited a SF speaker. It appears that part of the resentment
of the IRSP came from the fact that the invitation did not
extend to them.

David Walters remarks that the hottest place in hell is reserved
for the neutrals. This presupposes a belief in hell, which as
an atheist I do not subscribe to. I dont think that concern for
their imagined souls is much of a concern for the SSP leadership.
Whether the position of Militant on Ireland was a weak-point is
a matter of dispute. I think David Walters meant to write
"I did not agree with the position of Militant on Ireland".

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