[Marxism] ASYMMETRIC PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUE? (cynical responses desired)

Matthew Dubuque mdubuque at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 5 18:06:20 MDT 2004


Yes, I agree, it isn't easy.  But it seems like a bit of a meme to me.  (A meme is computer science term for a type of idea that spreads like wildfire, similar to how a virus amplifies through a host).

Monkey see, monkey do kind of thing.

Like the story of the 100th monkey washing potatoes in Japan, and now all the monkeys on that Japanese island wash their potatoes in the river before eating them.

Culture spreads via memes.  

Ideas reach a critical mass.

I am trying to strategize for asymmetric propaganda.  Psychological warfare among unequally matched sides.  (One side has the objective moral truth and the other side has the brutality)

Banging on pots and pans is a way of amplifying your message through the system.

Do what you want, say what you will.

Others will delight in ridiculing the idea.  That's awesome.

Personally, at the next demonstration I'm bringing 9 other friends and we're going to bang loudly on pots and pans and get on TV.

Laugh if you must.

The truth is always funny.


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