[Marxism] In the contradiction lies the hope.

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 6 01:19:22 MDT 2004

US allegations of drug dealing and corruption against Aristide serve the
purpose of stalling liberal/progressive drives for redress.  The leaders
of the defeated are at a tactical disadvantage.  They are physically
removed from the battleground as well as thrown off balance by being
forced to defend against moralistic ad hominem attacks.  The
truthfulness of the personal assaults on Aristide or his functionaries
-who make him guilty by association, only - does not matter.  Scurrilous
or not, they distract, deflect, disrupt, while the imperialist force
remains in focus and in action.

In the hiatus of doubt cast over the deposed democratic leader, the new
regime's mycelia penetrate deeper, spread wider and take hold of the
land.  Then the fungus is among us: the new status quo.  All will come
around to recognize That is just the way it is.  Who can argue with such

Insofar as the ex post facto excuse for regime change is concerned, the
same modus operandi appeared in Haiti as in Iraq: whatever the original
reasons, however fallacious in motivation or cynical inaction -- the US
Government announced that the result was beneficial: a bad was removed
by the good for the good.

The lesson bears repetition, so it is repeated:  people should simply
trust the Government to do what is right even if it appears to be
wrong.  Or even if it is wrong.  Because it will be right.  Lies are

The magnificent contempt of the imperialists for the people, their
arrogant defilement of justice, verges on hubris.  Who can argue with
such power?  Who would welcome the insidious rot that infiltrates the
hopes of humanity and dooms the dreams of the children of the world?

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