[Marxism] Re: IRSP condemns Scottish Socialist Party

Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Tue Apr 6 06:02:03 MDT 2004

At 08:41 AM 4/4/2004, Paul Cockshott wrote:
 >The IRSP condemns the SSP basically because the SSP
 >does not subscribe to Irish Nationalist Ideology.

The IRSP does not subscribe to nationalist ideology, either.  Its ideology 
is republican, socialist, and anti-imperialist.  If the IRSP is critical of 
the SSP, it's for not taking a consistently anti-imperialist line where the 
Six Counties are concerned.  The SSP states its solidarity with the 
Palestinian and Colombian struggles, for example, yet it's unwilling to 
state its solidarity with an anti-imperialist struggle taking place a mere 
21 km away.  Surely you wouldn't want people to get the impression that the 
SSP is only anti-imperialist when it comes to far away struggles?

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